Warden Kinsley

Jailor and Sheriff of Berdusk


Human Fighter (Level 4). Wields a longsword and shield. Wears chainmail armor.


A man of average height and curt responses, Warden Kinsley is the man charged with keeping the peace in Berdusk. His office is connected to the jail south of the marketplace, where he can be found almost all day pouring through paperwork. Rarely able to be out on patrol himself, he instead delegates that task to the 25 city guards under his employ.

Warden’s building also holds an office for Sir Jastor, the Paladin of Torm stationed in Berdusk, and it is apparent that the two men have a degree of mutual respect for each other. Warden rarely bothers Jastor with anything mundane, but he has been known to tap his abilities when greater troubles arise.

Warden Kinsley

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