Stoic, aloof, and steady, Sovelis embodies those traits that make a stereotypical Wizard


Wizard 2


Sovelis is new to the “HumanLands” as he refers to them. He grew up in Myth Dranor, and was raised in the Changing Ward. Since his youth he was fascinated with the static nature of the HumanLands, particularly of his Elven cousins. His family, though, saw the Elves as half of the equation that make the Eldarin, and privately shunned them, as they did the pure Fey. Sovelis and his brother, sisters, and cousins, were taught by the collective family that neither part of the making of the Eldarin could shine a candle to the whole; to the ones that transcended the Astral and the Material.

The Changing Ward was, in reality, comprised of many Eldarin cities, only a fraction of which Sovelis has visited. His home, Mystaranys, straddles the planes like all of the others, though it resides far more often in the Astral realm than the material. Mystranys only appears to the Elves of Myth Dranor when the Sun and the Moon of Faerun meet in the sky. It is during one such time that Sovelis, with the blessing of his teachers, but not his family, braved the HumanLands to learn, to thrive, and to return to Mystaranys a braver, and smarter man to continue his learnings as a fledgling Wizard. Little did he know that he would soon find himself on the cold, hard floor of a jail cell, the innocent pawn of a cruel plot in the city of Berdusk…


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