The face of Faerun has changed forever. In 1385 DR, known as the Year of Blue Fire, the goddess Mystra was murdered, and the magic so closely bound to her Weave burst forth uncontrolled. Entire landscapes were vaporized, mountains rose and the land sank as parts of the Underdark collapsed. Gods and animals alike were destroyed as the Spellplague washed over the world of Toril. But as the dust settled and many things were erased or destroyed, just as many things were also created and changed, and the inhabitants of Faerun adapted. Along with this time, several new realms emerged from the chaos.

The year is 1479 DR, and one land that has emerged from the Spellplague is Elturgard, a theorcracy tucked between Baldur’s Gate and the Dragon Coast. Over the course of the past two months, though, the province has gone from a peaceful existence to having their faith shaken to its core. Rumors of a huge monster uprising in the Reaching Woods that required the Paladins to bring down Torm’s Barrier and invade the forest for the first time in 20 years. Multiple sightings of a massive, fiery dragon beyond leaving a wake of scorched earth and devastation in its path. And worst of all, the Companion, Elturel’s adored Second Sun and holy artifact gifted to them by Torm himself, was stolen out of the sky one night, plunging the realm into darkness for the first time in a century. Tales of the undead rising in response are still being whispered in inns and markets.

Recently, though, a wondrous sight was beheld just outside Elturel’s gates: a flight of dragons landing with the Companion in tow ridden by a group of six heroes who hunted down the rogue Volcanic Dragon, Obsidian, and ended his wanton destruction. The Second Sun was returned to the sky over Elturel, and throughout the inns, drinks and celebration was shared by all.

But, despite the return of the Companion, the whispers in the streets continued. Some say that they couldn’t believe it was a group of unknown adventurers who accomplished what all the combined might of the Paladins couldn’t do. Further rumors say that another group of nobodies were the ones responsible for ending the revolt in the Reaching Woods, too. And the discontent of high taxes and oppressive rule by the church has only gotten louder. Has something happened to the once-noble Paladins of Torm? Is their grip over the province weakening despite their vigilant protection of the borders?

Those same heroes who returned with the Companion have questions of their own. What they may find out, though, could be more than they ever imagined.

Oratorio of the Lawbringers

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